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Why Isn’t Your House Selling?

There’s nothing more disappointing when you’re selling your home than to have another open house go by with no bites or someone coming to see your house and not making any sort of offer.

There are lots of reasons why a house might not sell, and if you’re in a hurry to make a deal and get out, there are some things you need to consider to figure out the reasons your home remains on the market.

Here are some of the typical reasons a house might not sell.

This is normally the most logical reason why a house isn’t selling. The price is either not comparable with others in the area or is just too high considering what might need to be done once someone moves in. This is also an easy fix—though one that might hurt the most. Lower the price and see what happens. You might even create a bidding war and get the amount closer to what you originally hoped.

Does the roof have shingles that need replacing? Are the appliances old and falling apart? If your house has clear, visible problems, chances are people are going to be wary about making an offer. It makes sense to spend a little money and make the repairs needed to have your house looking good.

Bad Curb Appeal
Speaking of “looking good,” people can be turned off quickly. If the first impression they have is of a yard that’s cluttered with leaves or a driveway loaded with junk, you’re probably sending the wrong message. Clean it up and make their first impression a favorable one.

Bad Photos
With the advancements in mobile cameras and the price of professional digital cameras dropping, there’s no reason to ever have blurry or bad photos of your home on marketing materials. Photos should be the best representation of the room as possible, meaning clean, spacious and lots of light.

Inspection Problems
If you’ve had people interested, only to see the deal fall apart during the inspection part of the negotiations, then the things they are finding are probably going to keep others disinterested as well. Fix any major issues and ensure that the inspection brings back a solid report.