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How to Sell a Home During the Holiday Season

If you decide you’re ready to sell your home and the calendar is flipping to December, there are some who believe you’re better off waiting until after the holidays to list it, with the rationale that people are too busy shopping and preparing for family celebrations to worry about looking for a home. But others

Common Mortgage Terms to Know Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is full of numbers, including the all-important down payment and interest rate on the loan. The process also includes a lot of terms you may not be familiar with, especially if it’s the first home you’re buying. Your real estate agent, escrow officer and other experts who are guiding you along the

How to Design a Kitchen for Easy Entertaining

Having a living space that’s well suited for entertaining friends and family is a top priority for many of today’s luxury homeowners. From backyard barbecues to holiday dinners, the house should be designed to seamlessly accommodate any gathering. Being the heart of the home, the kitchen will always have an important role when it comes

Helpful Tips for Moving Pets Into a New Home

When you move into a new home, you’re starting a new chapter for everyone in your family, including your pets. And just like everyone else, moving is an adjustment for dogs and cats. Making the transition as easy as possible for your animal friend isn’t just beneficial for pets, it also makes your life easier.

Why Isn’t Your House Selling?

There’s nothing more disappointing when you’re selling your home than to have another open house go by with no bites or someone coming to see your house and not making any sort of offer. There are lots of reasons why a house might not sell, and if you’re in a hurry to make a deal

Factors That Could Unexpectedly Impact Your Real Estate Appraisal

Although everything in your home is essential, there are certain things that the appraiser will be looking for that don’t include the home’s position, square footage and the number of rooms in the house.  We will look at other factors involved in the house appraisal or valuation, and many of these are dictated by the

6 Security Tips for Your New Home

Buying and moving into a new home is exciting, but it also requires a lot of attention to detail, from closing the deal to figuring out the logistics of getting all your belongings from point A to point B. Amid all the excitement, planning and unpacking, many new homeowners overlook one essential factor: the security

Touring an Open House? Here are 8 Things to Look For

When you’re searching for your dream house, you’ll likely spend a good chunk of time touring open houses—and while you may have a list of ‘must-haves’ or ‘no-no’s’ in mind, it’s easy to be distracted by color and/or other cosmetic touches that keep you from noticing more critical factors. Experienced real estate agents know what

Escrow: The Nuts and Bolts

To some home buyers and sellers, and perhaps to some less experienced real estate agents, the escrow process is something of a mysterious experience where a lot of money and documents change hands until a property is magically turned over to the new owner during a projected ‘close of escrow.’ In fact, at its essence,